“The COVID-19 pandemic generated significant increased consumer demand for frozen foods.”

The direct to consumer (DTC) food channel has shown growth for several decades. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. The entire food distribution system changed almost overnight.

Existing trends either came to an abrupt halt or accelerated at an astonishing rate. For companies seeking to enter the DTC marketplace with a frozen or long-life refrigerated food product, the process of attracting a 3PL has become considerably more difficult.

This paper will explain:

  • How the process has changed

  • What it means for the DTC frozen food business

  • How to go about acquiring a 3PL

  • What may happen once the pandemic ends

As a frozen food brand, it is important to understand how the climate for 3PLs has changed and how to successfully navigate the space given the current environment. To find out, download the white paper today!